Frequently Asked Questions

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Sometimes, the memories in your energy body or my physical body or my emotions are carried over from my past life and in that case, your past becomes a hindrance to your present. Sometimes, unknowingly, the biggest example being fears and phobias, we carry the shadow of our past with us all the time. At times, we are able to identify patterns in our current life which give us pain and suffering. In such cases, usually that pattern has a lesson hidden for us, which can be explored and understood by visiting similar situations in our past.

Past life regression as such is only a technique where the client is put into a deeply relaxed state where he / she will be able to activate their subconscious mind and hence explore their past lives. It does not have any side affect whatsoever since there is no external medication or environmental things involved though for people who have a critical heart condition or those who are on regular medication are advised to discuss their condition at first with the therapist or maybe even seek permission from their physician, in order to be completely at ease and safe.

It is possible but not probable that one is not able to get into a past life. There could be many reasons for a person not to be able to explore a past life, where the most probable one would be when one is not ready for the knowledge that will come through their journey. Some people when at critical positions at their life, are blocked from seeing their past lives, just because it might at those point not prove to be as helpful to them. Sometimes, some people may also require healing or preparation to experience past lives, which will be the skill of the therapist to be able to handle the situation and get the client to live the experience

The level of trance required for viewing a past life is very light. Many times during the day in our normal routine, while watching an intense movie or while driving, we enter into a hypnotic trance where we loose the realization of time and other things happening around us. This is exactly the amount of trance required for us to be able to see a past life.

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