About Us

About Cosmic Horizon

Earthly journey is not easy and the situation that we encounter can be more than difficult to deal with at times, but then the objective is to evolve through all those experiences we have chosen to experience on this journey. The concept may initially sound alien and for many of us it could be hard to correlate but the reality is that we are all connected at energy level and it is our own choice made at soul level that has brought us together.

Our Vission

Grief, depression, anxiety, bereavement and sadness can so often be so debilitating that living through each day becomes more of a battle which we wage within ourselves to get through to the next day. Each one us at one or another point of time on this earthly journey do encounter situations in our lives when things are intensely difficult, yet most of us have no adequate means or awareness to deal with this level of pain – emotionally, intellectually or spiritually. This is where we feel there is a Divine Purpose and need for each of us to walk along with any such soul who is going through any kind of void, pain, grief or any other earthly challenge, in order to collectively learn, accept and imbibe the understanding that any such pain or trauma exists for a reason and within them too there are messages from the Unseen World which we are here to identify, work on and to resolve and deal, as the very purpose of human life is to learn, grow and evolve through them.

Our Mission

Our Mission therefore is to provide support, equip and empower each such soul with a simple yet powerful means to deal with grief, void, depression, anxiety suicidal tendencies, life’s other challenges as well as all such difficult earthly situations that they have been struggling with or have not been able to resolve or overcome. The underlying values that form the core of this healing modality are empathy, compassion, non-judgmental approach and treating all others as an extension of our own being.

Cosmic Horizon